China - Mandarin Language

Guiding Questions

1. What is one new Chinese word or phrase that you learned today?

2. How do tonal languages differ from non-tonal languages?

3. What is an ideogram and how does it relate to the Chinese writing system?

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  • 1. Ni hao Ma? How are you?
    Wo Hen Hao - I am very good.
    Xie-xie - thank you

    2. The tone you say the word in changes what you mean. Chinese has 4 tones that are written different with 4 tonal marks.

    3. An ideogram is a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept. Many Chinese letters are shaped like what they represent.

    Bonus - a lot of these links are not as helpful as the video I found which was simple but effective. Maybe add it for future reference. (It was from Tried to link it below, but it wasn't too happy with me.
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  • 1.Dui bu qi - Exucse me or I am sorry
    2. In a tonal language the meaning of a word can change with the pitch.
    3. An ideogram is the written expression of an idea.
    • Awesome! I have to be very careful with tonal languages. This reminds me of Spanish. "El Papá" is "The Pope", whereas "La Papa" means "potato". I imagine that quite a few arguments have started because of tonal language mix ups!
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Pleco The Pleco app is the best digital Chinese dictionary app out there. 

Chinese Pod is a great, beginner-friendly podcast for learning to speak Mandarin. 

Hacking Chinese is a comprehensive website developed by a Swedish Mandarin language learner with tips, tools and reflections are learning the language. 

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