China - Environment

Guiding Questions

1. What major environmental issues is China challenged with? 

2. How do these issues affect us at home?

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  • Interesting enough in several books I have read now on the boom of China's economy, it has come with a steep price of hurting the environment. For many years, even though in other parts of the world, effects of factories were known, China continued to build focusing on economy and profits and not on the side effects.

    China at this point is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses, and now discharges about twice as much as the United States. Because of its oil and coal industries, pollution is strong and people are speaking up for a change. This effects everyone because there isn't a invisible shield that keeps us safe from the atmosphere.

    Good news though is that there is change in the air and China is now exploring renewable energy such as wind and solar. They plan to be the leading country in the change. In theory, this could lead to less health problems for the Chinese and the world in the future.
  • China'a economic boom has come at the expense of the environment and thereby human health. Currently, China is the largest producer of carbon emissions. Ironically, the degrading environment (if not staved off by political and social reforms) will threaten its future economic growth. Pollution in China is affecting the far west region of the United States.
    • Our world is so interconnected. China's CO2 emissions don't discriminate based on national borders. Everything has global implications.
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