China - Government & Foreign Relations

Guiding Questions

1. What are some of the current challenges facing the Chinese government?

2. What is the state of US-China relations?

3. What role does China play among other nations in Asia? 

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  • China is trying to improve their state of being and increase their power in all aspects ranging from economy to military.

    After watching several videos and reading the articles, I can't really state exactly where we are with China except the fact we do need each other and we have a fragile relationship at this time. There are strengths in both of our countries that both of our countries are depending on to survive. With Trump as President, things have become more complicated as well.
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China's Strategy for Asia: Maximize Power, Replace America by Robert Blackwell, Council on Foreign Relations, May 26, 2016

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Beijing’s Disturbing Turn Against Personal Freedoms by Murong Xuecun, New York Times, Sept. 23, 2016

Lesson Plans & Resources

VIF International: China and Conflict One of five units in the in Global Politics theme examining conflicts in Chinese- and Arabic-speaking countries. Students will explore the China-Taiwan and China-Tibet relationships from different perspectives and analyze role of the United States in these controversies. The history, causes, and effects of the Arab Spring will be studied, as well as the current status of these revolutions.