Finland - Education

Guiding Questions

1. What reforms in the Finnish education system are you most interested in investigating while in-country? 

2. What has surprised you the most about the Finnish education system based on the readings and video? 

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Pasi Sahlberg on Collaboration, Teacher Voice,and Equity

Introduction to Education in Finland

Finnish Lessons

Articles & Essays

Five Strategies American Teachers can Learn From Their Finnish Counterparts, by Heather Singmaster, EdWeek, 2017

Global Education Reform: How Privatization and Public Investment Influence Education Outcomes, edited by Frank Adamson, Björn Åstrand, and Linda Darling-Hammond, 2016

Privatization or Public Investment in Education?, by Frank Adamson, 2016

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 the World's Most Admired Education System

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Helsinki University to possibly cut 1,200 jobs, save 86m yle UUTISET, 2015

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Finnish National Board of Education